Tipped & Tipsy

SF Chronicle
“The most hilarious solo slo-mo bar brawl ever seen” SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
The Guardian
“Without set or costume changes, Vice proves a protean physical performer, seamlessly inhabiting the oddball outcasts…With a love of the underdog and strong writing and acting at its core, Tipsy breezes by, leaving a superlative buzz.” BAY GUARDIAN
Huffington Post
“Jill Vice takes on the physical and vocal characteristics of her clientele at Happy’s Bar in an impressive array of body language and vocal talent…Vice’s performance is robust, her material well written, and her characters quite memorable.” – HUFFINGTON POST
“Vice’s portraits of the colorful barflies are memorably distinct…the story is compelling and poignant.” KQEDarts





Written and Performed by Jill Vice
Developed with Dave Dennison & David Ford
Directed by David Ford

Venue #2 MTC Up the Alley | 174 Market Ave., Winnipeg


Wednesday, July 13 10:00 PM

Friday, July 15 3:30 PM

Saturday, July 16 8:45 PM

Monday, July 18 1:45 PM

Tuesday, July 19 7:00 PM

Thursday, July 21 12:00 PM

Friday, July 22 5:15 PM

Saturday, July 23 10:30 PM



Welcome to HAPPY’S! Meet the bartender, Candy, three of her favorite regulars, the owner and an assortment of saloon denizens. Ponder the magic forces that keep a drunk on his bar stool! Honor acts of alcohol induced courage! Celebrate the traditions of the bar that transform a bunch of lonely drunks into a loving family! And mostly join Candy in her efforts to keep her favorite regular from drinking himself to death.

In Tipped & Tipsy, Jill Vice draws on 13 years experience as a bartender having worked at over 28 bars in San Francisco (some for just 1 day). A high energy show blending elements of drama and stand-up comedy, Tipped & Tipsy transports you to your local watering hole. So pull up a bar stool at “Happy’s” where the beer is cold and the bartender is hot.

Tipped & Tipsy Press Release Click Here!

What Audiences Are Saying…

“When a performer knocks it out of the theater, the audience stands and cheers. That’s what happened tonight at the EXIT Theatre. Every generation seems to produce and launch extraordinary talent from San Francisco. Jill Vice is one of her generation’s emerging stars. Her physicality, her timing, her characterizations and delivery are superlative… She will make you laugh, move you and have you cheering by the end.” -Dino D.


“Cheers on acid, crack, weed and … well booze! Jill Vice is hilarious…!” -David C.


“…She’s like a combination of Abbott and Costello, Gilda Radner and Mel Brooks! High hilarity!” -Laura W.


“… My gawd. Captivating!” -Marla B.


“… Funny, touching, sad, and wise. A MUST SEE” -Elizabeth S.


“Jill Vice reveals a world of living, breathing people, without props or costumes, just her imagination, her body, courage, and a big heart!” -Bernard V.


“…Great high-energy physicality, including the best bar fight you’ll ever see in a solo performance… You will enjoy a happy hour and come out totally buzzed.” -David J.


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